Medical students receive top honors at ACP abstract competition

acp1-51112Two medical students and a 2011 graduate of the OHSU medical school received top honors in the clinical poster competition at the recent American College of Physicians Medical Student Abstract Competition held in New Orleans, Louisiana. They are Bailey Pope, MS3, Parisa Javedani, MS4, and Heather Hernandez, MD '11.

"This is really an amazing accomplishment for the three OHSU Med Students who were selected to present (at the National ACP Scientific Session) and essentially swept the podium, accounting for 3 of the 5 national winners from medical students across the country. In addition to congratulating their accomplishments, we can also hope this fosters increased enthusiasm amongst our students and faculty to collaborate on similar scholarly (and fun) endeavors,"  said Alan Hunter, MD, FACP, Associate Professor, and Head , Division of Hospital Medicine in the Department of Medicine.

The ACP sponsors local and national abstract competitions for medical students that offer monetary awards and the chance to win recognition.

Pictured above: Bailey Pope, Parisa Javedani, and Heather Hernandez


acp2-51112Parisa Javedani, MS4,
with Katie Volpe, MS4

Parisa had two posters in the competition. The one entitled: Young at Heart: A Patient with an Atrial Septal Defect presents at 71 years of Age, is a poster that was jointly-written with her classmate Katie Volpe, MS4, and with input from Dr. Linda Lucas (title) the supervising attending. The case describes a male patient presenting with fatigue after travelling to altitude.  Even though the patient had a previously negative echo, the repeated study during his presentation demonstrated a new atrial septal defect (ASD). The poster then describes the symptoms, appropriate management, and clinical considerations when caring for such a patient.

The second poster entitled: Dabigatran Etexilate: What Every Internist Should Know was written in conjunction with Dr. Helmi Lutsep, Dr. Zane Horowitz, and Dr. Wayne Clark.  This case presents a gentleman anticoagulated on a new FDA approved medication called dabigatran who presented with an acute ischemic stroke. With limited information available about how to manage such cases, the poster describes the assays that best evaluate the medication's effect, provides guidelines for when rtPA should be used, describes the best known reversal agents and highlights the importance of discussing the risks and benefits with patients.

"It was a great experience in New Orleans," said Parisa. "I had a wonderful time with the other students from OHSU and also met quite a few students from around the nation.  The clinical workshops were great teaching tools."


acp3-51112Bailey Pope, MS3

Baily's poster was titled Cotton Fever in Injection Drug Users: Contrasting Medical Obscurity and Colloquial Familiarity. The poster describes a patient with cotton fever.  Cotton fever is a benign febrile illness that is seen in injection drug users that filter their heroin or methamphetamine through cotton prior to injection. The poster highlighted the discrepancies between the medical knowledge of the condition and the knowledge that injection drug users have of the condition.

"The national ACP conference was a wonderful experience, I was able to attend talks, learn from other posters and meet students, residents and physicians in internal medicine," said Bailey. "It was motivating to be in a room full of Internal medicine physicians as a student.  You can't help but think that one day that will be you."