Welcome Graduate Studies Students, OHSU’s Newest Creators of Knowledge

GSO All-Student Welcome BBQ Oct

November 18, 2013

The OHSU School of Medicine is pleased to welcome our new Graduate Studies students to the start of the 2013–2014 academic year. So far, a total of 329 new students have matriculated.

"We are so pleased to welcome these new outstanding students into our graduate programs. We look forward to helping guide their professional development, adding to their scope of experiences, and to learning from the creativity and innovation they bring to our institution," said Allison Fryer, Ph.D., associate dean for graduate studies.

There were a combined 1,872 applications to the Ph.D., master's, PA and certificate programs in the School of Medicine; the majority of these applicants apply to the PA program (1,044) with the other half spread between the Ph.D. (50 percent), master's (25 percent) and certificate programs (25 percent). Ten percent of the newly admitted cohort are underrepresented minorities. Sixty-two percent are women. Forty-nine percent of the entire cohort is from Oregon, and 5 percent are from outside the U.S.

In 2013, the number of applicants to the Ph.D. programs in the School of Medicine increased to 426, of which 31 were admitted as new students. With an additional five M.D./Ph.D. students beginning their Ph.D. education, there are 36 students matriculating into nine programs. Our ratio of 14 applicants to every one accepted student, with an average undergraduate GPA of 3.5, demonstrates that we continue to attract outstanding students to our graduate programs. The average age for the incoming Ph.D. candidates is 24. Fifty percent are women. Forty-two percent of the incoming Ph.D. cohort is from Oregon, with 8 percent coming from outside the US.

You can review the complete Office of Graduate Studies Summer/Fall Matriculation Report for more details on the entering students.

The Graduate Student Organization hosted a well-attended Welcome Barbeque on Friday, Oct. 4, where new and returning students from across the university, alumni, and many of our faculty and staff got to kick back, relax and get to know each other while noshing on a delicious spread. Raffle prizes capped off the evening.

The School of Medicine Alumni Association supported the event financially and helped staff it – several Alumni Association Council members scooped ice cream. Thank you, alumni volunteers!

Check out all the photos of the barbecue at the School of Medicine's Facebook page.

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