Ten medical students receive $5,000 TFME scholarships

The Foundation for Medical Excellence (TFME) has selected three second-year medical students to receive $5,000 scholarships for 2012-13 academic year. The students are:

  • Allison Casciato
  • Andrew Dworkin                                            
  • Benjamin Larson                                          

Seven third-year medical students will also receive a $5,000 TFME scholarship for the 2012-13 academic year. They are:

  • Richard Bruno                                                
  • Valerie Carlberg                                             
  • Merlin Curry                                                    
  • Jenna Emerson                                               
  • Brian Garvey                                                   
  • Sarah Williams
  • Jay Williams

TFME Scholarship Committee selects the awardees each year. Students in good-academic standing are chosen based on certain criteria, including they must be Oregon residents and indicate that they hope to remain in Oregon to practice after graduation. Leadership and community service are also seen as high marks on a student's application with TFME.

Students are selected in their second year, and are also eligible to receive the award during their third and fourth years.

The Foundation for Medical Excellence is a public non-profit foundation, whose mission is to promote quality healthcare and sound health policy. To achieve its mission, The Foundation develops and presents a wide range of educational programs, and provides consulting services.