Medical Specialty Speed Dating Turns Five

MSSD SoM News CropMedical Specialty Speed Dating celebrated its fifth anniversary at OHSU on Nov. 8. The event brought together 29 physician specialists – 22 of whom were alumni – and 74 students from the M.D. program who were eager to learn more about life in – well, almost every kind of specialty and subspecialty.

"The goal here is to encourage us to think broadly and critically," said Karen Bieraugel, representative from the MS2 class to the SMAA Council and primary recruiter of physician specialists. "This is one of the few opportunities we have to sit down and talk seriously with, for instance, a pediatric pulmonary medicine specialist."

Erica Mitchell, M.D. R '05, FACS, associate professor of surgery, provided a new twist to this year's event. In addition to providing her own perspectives on a career in vascular surgery, Dr. Mitchell encouraged two residents in the Department of Surgery, Dr. Rachel Danczyk and Dr. Elliot Stephenson, to partner with her and discuss their thoughts with the students.

"I did not have this opportunity when I was in medical school," said Dr. Danczyk. "I think the value of this program is outstanding. The concept is fresh, engaging and a wonderful way of exposing young medical students to many different options."

Medical Specialty Speed Dating was sponsored by the School of Medicine Alumni Association in partnership with the Choosing a Medical Specialty elective and the OHSU Alumni Relations Program.

Caption: James D. Fearl, M.D. '65, leads a discussion on specializing in OBGYN.