Medical Specialty Speed Dating

Spcialty Speed DatingFor some students, medical school is a seamless transition to a pre-determined specialty. For others, the specialty discovery takes place during the journey, with many diversions and alternative pathways to a final destination. Four years of medical school can open doors to previously unconsidered careers, or redefine outmoded perceptions of a particular specialty. Increasingly these days, economics also becomes an uninvited and not altogether welcome partner in the decision.

Sponsored by the School of Medicine Alumni Association, the fourth Medical Specialty Speed Dating was held on November 16, connecting well over 30 physicians (22 of whom were alumni) with over 70 students who wanted to learn what their lives were really like.

“I’m one of those people who enjoys whatever rotation I am on,” said Vishal Khemlani, MS3, who attended the event for a second time. “I really shuffled the deck last year and was excited to think about all the specialty options. This year, I’ve narrowed it down to four or five, and wanted to hear one more pitch from career professionals in those fields. I have to make a decision next February.”

“Our alumni and community faculty were incredibly supportive when we called to invite them,” said Amy Dorius, MS2 Class Representative to the Alumni Council and lead organizer of the event. “The conversations with alumni are so valuable because they are rooted in a shared experience as students here. It’s very hard to make connections like this elsewhere.”

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