OHSU’s oldest enrolled med student turns 50, celebrates by raising money for Dean’s Fund

Paul ReynoldsWhat could be better than drinking beer or eating cake on your birthday? How about celebrating the big “five-o” by jogging a seven-mile route downtown?
That’s exactly what Paul Reynolds, MS2, plans to do to celebrate his 50th birthday. Of course, there’s a purpose behind it all: to support The Dean's Fund for Excellence Scholarship Endowment.

Putting an emphasis on the Dean’s Fund is Paul’s way of showing his appreciation to the school for giving him the opportunity to fulfill his dream to become a physician—rare for someone who started med school in his late 40s.
“It occurred to me that the folks at OHSU must have really gone out on a limb letting a guy like me have a shot at the program,” said Paul. “You can probably count all the people my age in med school on your fingers and toes.”
Prior to medical school, Paul served in the Green Beret and had experience in demolitions and combat diving. He was also a licensed 3rd Mate in the Merchant Marine, a school teacher and a small business owner.
The birthday run for the Dean’s Fund will begin in front of the OHSU Hospital near the upper tram entrance at 1 pm on Saturday, Nov. 26. 
“I was pleasantly surprised when some of my classmates said they would like to run along to celebrate with me,” he said. “I’ve even picked up a few sponsors.”
Paul hopes many people will join him that day. He’s also looking for more sponsors to help raise money for the fund. If you would like to help Paul please visit his website (This is a non-OHSU website.)


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Pictured above: Paul Reynolds, MS2