Special agents for quality

February 21, 2014


quality1-jGraduate Medical Education highlights quality curricula during OHSU Quality Days

They may not be equipped with James Bond-style gadgets, but OHSU is home to a number of special agents. Their focus is quality improvement in health care and their training ground is the Division of Graduate Medical Education.

As part of the first-ever OHSU Quality Days, GME hosted a grand rounds during which program directors, residents, fellows, education leaders and community stakeholders discussed strategies for enhancing the capacity of these “special agents” for quality. Several GME program leaders shared successes and challenges to implementing a quality curriculum in their respective units.

“GME is committed to developing project-based quality curricula throughout our residency programs,” said Patrick Brunett, M.D., associate dean for graduate medical education. “Whether trainees stay at OHSU or pursue practice elsewhere, we want to help create a groundswell of expertise in quality improvement which will benefit the wider health care system now and in the future.”

Roger Garvin, M.D., assistant professor of family medicine, spoke about the structure of the Department of Family Medicine’s resident quality curriculum, which began eight years ago.

“The most important [lesson] for our residents is that perfection is not the goal. We pick something that is important; we want to be better, not perfect,” said Dr. Garvin, family medicine residency program director.

Familiarity with quality improvement and lean – a system of process improvement originating from the Toyota production model – is an increasingly valuable skill. “The internal disease physician nowadays is expected to have quality improvement skills in the workplace,” said Erin Bonura, M.D., instructor of medicine, who is leading the implementation of a quality program for infectious disease fellows. “One of the biggest things I teach is for residents to think differently and problem solve.”

GME also hosted a quality improvement poster symposium. More than 30 residents and fellows presented posters to a judging panel and answered questions about their quality improvement projects. Congratulations to the following awardees:

First place ($5,000 prize)

Poster title: Increasing Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) for Patients in a Primary Care Home

Authors: Kristin Gilbert, M.D., Rita Lahlou, M.D., MPH, Carl Rasmussen, M.D., Laurel Witt, M.D., Alicia Overstreet Galeano, M.D., Brian Sanders, M.D., Nathan Brooks, M.D., MPH, Kate McKenna, M.D., William Nettleton, M.D., Thomas Quattlebaum, M.D., and Stephen Yip, M.D.

Program: Department of Family Medicine

quality2-jSecond place ($3,000 prize)

Poster title: Hepatitis B Birth Dose Immunization Rate Improves with Administration on L&D

Authors: Brandon Lynch, M.D. (Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine), Daniel Kenron, MSIE (Pediatric administration), Carrie Phillipi, M.D., Ph.D. (Pediatrics), Lee Schrauben, MPH (Oregon Health Authority), and Johanna Warren, M.D. (Family Medicine)

Program: Family and Preventive Medicine

quality3-jThird place ($2,000 prize)

Poster title: Immunizing Adult Caregivers in a Children’s Hospital: Resident Ownership is Associated with Increased Vaccine Delivery

Authors: Angela Douglas, M.D., Jennifer Shepard, M.D., Kelly Fegan-Bohm, M.D., Carrie Phillipi, M.D., Ph.D., and Judith Guzman-Cottrill, D.O.

Program: Department of Pediatrics

OHSU Quality Days was sponsored jointly by GME and the OHSU Healthcare Department of Quality and Safety Management. Learn more about clinical quality, patient safety and performance improvement efforts across the university on the OHSU Performance Excellence System, or OPEx, website. This was the first of a new annual event.


Top: First place poster awardees Thomas Quattlebaum, M.D. and Rita Lahlou, M.D., with Charles Kilo, M.D., MPH, chief medical officer, OHSU Healthcare (far left) and Patrick Brunett, M.D. (far right)

Middle: Second place poster awardee Brandon Lynch, M.D., with Drs. Kilo and Brunett

Bottom: Third place poster awardees (middle l to r) Jennifer Shepard, M.D., Angela Douglas, M.D., with Drs. Kilo and Brunett