U.S. News puts OHSU at #3 for primary care education

Ranking systems have their limitations and imperfections – we know. Yet it’s worth sharing that the latest U.S. News & World Report list puts OHSU at no. 3 for excellence in primary care education.

Fifty-five of our 121 fourth-year med students, or 46 percent, are entering residency in primary care this year, which includes internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics. While many of these students will go on to sub-specialize, this continues to be a strong initial showing in primary care, compared to many other areas of the country. While this is down somewhat from 2011 when 62 percent matched to primary care, it is consistent with trends from 2008-2010.

Complete OHSU rankings include:

  • Overall research #37 (tied with University of Maryland)
  • Primary care #3 (tied with UC-San Francisco)
  • Family Medicine #5 (tied with University of New Mexico)
  • Rural Medicine #12 (tied with eight other institutions)