National Accreditation renewal, new positions, and special recognition for OHSU Neurological Surgery

Drs. Selden and RaskinOHSU is one of only 100 medical centers in the nation to train the next generation of neurosurgeons, as part of the university's mission to advance cures for neurological disease.

As is required, The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) recently completed a thorough records review and site visit of OHSU's Neurological Surgery Residency Program.

The Program received a renewed five-year accreditation period, which is the maximum period allowed. The Program's residency complement was also increased from 14 to 18 trainees.

"The review committee recognized the strong training environment, nationally recognized faculty, and tremendous opportunities to learn in a safe and supportive environment for patients and trainees in making these decisions," said Nathan Selden, MD, PhD, Campagna Professor and Residency Program Director, Department of Neurological Surgery.

"It's really quite an extraordinary accomplishment to receive a full five-year accreditation," said Donald Girard, MD, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and Continuing Medical Education. "The council's decision reflects the Program's dedication to excellence and the hard work of everyone involved with training its residents."

The Neurological Surgery Program was also commended for overall quality, and became the first neurosurgery residency program in the country invited to share a 'notable educational practice' with other programs nationally.

"That practice is a new call schedule arrangement that shortens the length of duty shifts for the doctors working through the night in the OHSU Neurosciences ICU, taking care of the sickest patients," said Dr. Selden. "The schedule makes sure a well-rested and focused doctor is only seconds to minutes away from the bedside of critically ill patients. It also provides for optimal care 'handoffs', so that shorter shifts do not result in confusion about patient status or recent events."

The schedule was developed by a group of educators and trainees in the Department of Neurological Surgery, who, Dr. Selden said, "could see all angles of each challenge and potential solution." The key developers of this novel schedule also included, Brian Ragel, MD, Assistant Professor, and Mark Piedra, MD, Senior Neurosurgical Resident.

"Novel educational design has been an important component of our training mission for OHSU Neurological Surgery, both here at home and nationally," said Kim Burchiel, MD, FACS, John Raaf Professor and Chair, Department of Neurological Surgery.

The Program's innovative schedule will soon be reported in the medical literature, and will be posted at the ACGME's education innovations website.


Pictured above from left: Nathan Selden, MD, PhD, and resident Jeffrey Raskin, MD, MS