Message from Dean Richardson: Recognizing greatness (and an LCME update)

February 28, 2013

Dean RichardsonI've been thinking lately about recognition. This is the time of year when I begin the process of selecting the annual Dean's Award recipient presented each year at the School of Medicine Alumni Association spring banquet. The Dean's Award is one of many awards and recognition programs in the School of Medicine and at OHSU.

In an institution as large as the School of Medicine, awards and recognition programs are important. We work collaboratively in many ways – conducting research, providing health care, educating our students – but with over 4,400 employees, each of us can only personally know a fraction of our group. Awards are a way of bringing forward exceptional members of our community and showcasing their efforts for the larger group.

Notifications for award nominations come up often, and I encourage you to act on them. Nominate a colleague who deserves to be recognized for excellence. Or, simply share the word in your unit or department about a call for nominations. Right now, the OHSU Faculty Senate and the Center for Diversity & Inclusion are both accepting nominations. The Faculty Senate Awards recognize faculty members for exceptional efforts in support of OHSU's missions. The Diversity and Inclusion Awards highlight faculty, students, staff, alumni and community members who have contributed to an inclusive environment.

If you've ever been to a Golden ROSE award ceremony, you know the power of recognition. Everyone walks away with renewed purpose and a reminder of how our mission-based work manifests itself and makes a difference in people's lives, everyday. Nominating staff for a Golden ROSE is a particularly good way to build unit morale.

Efforts to honor an individual – whether a colleague, mentor or student – go beyond the walls of our institution. They are a hallmark of the culture of collaboration that I proudly mention when I talk about OHSU and the School of Medicine, and collectively, they strengthen our ability to respond to calls for national recognition from entities like the Association for American Medical Colleges, professional societies and community groups.

I know these efforts take time. If you are uncertain about how to write a nomination, or want to talk it through with someone, I encourage you to use the Dean's office as a resource. We'd be glad to help – and proud to do so. And remember to share your successes and awards with us. We regularly highlight these news items through the School of Medicine News.

Finally, I have some important news to share regarding our LCME status. As announced last summer, the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) identified areas for improvement in its January 2012 site accreditation visit. In December 2012, the School of Medicine submitted an action plan to make improvements in the identified areas. Two of the areas – diversity and student indebtedness – represent longstanding challenges that the school has been actively trying to rectify for some time.

I am pleased to share the good news that the LCME has fully accepted our action plan. I received the letter from the committee this week. This necessary step provides assurance from an external entity that our actions are appropriately targeted to address long-standing challenges in the undergraduate medical education program. We will continue to share information about this topic, including the LCME-focused survey that will take place sometime within the next 12 months.

The School of Medicine is committed to a process of continuous quality improvement across all of our educational programs, and this outcome demonstrates that commitment.

In the spirit of recognition, I'd like to thank the countless faculty and staff members who have been working together on the LCME action plan, and in particular, Senior Associate Dean for Education George Mejicano and Director for LCME Accreditation Jennifer Boyd for their leadership of this process. The results of all your hard work will benefit the entire school.

Best Regards,

Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson, MD, MBA
Dean, OHSU School of Medicine
President, Faculty Practice Plan