School of Medicine prepares for LCME focused visit in January

December 12, 2013

lcme82912An ad hoc survey team representing the Liaison Committee on Medical Education will visit OHSU in January 2014. The purpose of the limited, or focused, survey visit is to review progress on the School of Medicine’s accepted action plan to address the 11 areas needing attention that the LCME identified following the review of the School’s institutional self-study and full site visit held in January 2012. The LCME is the accrediting agency for U.S. and Canadian undergraduate medical education (UME) programs.

The visit will take place from January 12 to 15, 2014. Dean Mark Richardson will first lead the LCME survey team through a discussion of the 11 areas that are the focus of this limited survey. A number of education leaders, including Senior Associate Dean for Education George Mejicano, M.D., and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education Tracy Bumsted, M.D., MPH, will be involved in the visit. Read more about the full visit schedule.

“The School of Medicine is committed to providing an excellent educational experience for all our medical students, and I’m confident that the visit will demonstrate our ongoing process of improvement,” said Dr. Mejicano. “I would like to thank in advance the faculty, staff and students who are participating in this LCME visit. Your participation is vital and helps ensure a successful visit.”

In 2012, the LCME determined that the School was in noncompliance with six accreditation standards. In addition, the LCME determined that the School was in compliance with a need for monitoring in five additional standards. As announced previously, the school submitted an action plan to make improvements in the identified areas, two of which – diversity and medical student indebtedness – were concerns identified in the 2004 site visit and represent challenges that the school has been actively trying to rectify for some time. The action plan, submitted to the LCME in December 2012, described specific steps which would be taken at OHSU and within the School of Medicine to address these issues, such as increasing the availability of student grants-in-aid by identifying any and all funding sources.

The School of Medicine, along with multiple OHSU partners, including the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost and the Center for Diversity & Inclusion, has made measurable progress on each of the identified accreditation standards. A briefing book, supporting documents and results of two recent surveys – one to students and one to faculty and staff – were submitted to the LCME in early December in preparation for the January 2014 visit, and are available for OHSU faculty, students and staff on the internal O2 LCME website.

During the visit, the LCME team will also receive an update on the M.D. Curriculum Transformation Initiative, and the changes being implemented starting with the entering class in August 2014.

For general questions about LCME accreditation, visit this FAQ page. If you have other questions, please contact the School of Medicine Dean’s office at