Update: LCME reports findings

School in compliance with all LCME standards, notified of full accreditation

July 8, 2014

An ad hoc survey team representing the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) visited the OHSU School of Medicine in January 2014. The LCME is the accrediting agency for U.S. and Canadian undergraduate medical education (UME) programs.

The purpose of the limited, or focused, survey visit was to review progress on the School of Medicine’s action plan to address the areas for improvement the LCME identified following the school’s institutional self-study and full site visit held in January 2012.

Following the full site visit in 2012, the LCME determined that the school was in noncompliance with six accreditation standards. In addition, the LCME determined that the school was in compliance with a need for monitoring in five additional standards.

As announced previously, the school then submitted an action plan to make improvements in the identified areas, two of which – diversity and medical student indebtedness – were concerns identified in a 2004 site visit and represent challenges that the school has been actively trying to rectify for some time.

The action plan, submitted to the LCME in December 2012, described specific steps which would be taken at OHSU and within the School of Medicine to address these issues, such as increasing the availability of student grants-in-aid by identifying any and all funding sources. The LCME then scheduled the January 2014 follow-up visit to assess the school’s progress.

The LCME reported its findings from the January 2014 survey visit to Dean Richardson the week of July 7. The LCME found that the school was in full compliance with all accreditation standards and confirmed full accreditation. The LCME notifed the school that the next full survey will take place during the 2019-2020 academic year.

“We are a better school because of the work undertaken related to our LCME review process,” said Dean Mark Richardson. “I want to thank our faculty, students, staff and many others who worked together not only to make the January visit a success, but saw in these efforts the opportunity to improve our educational environment and help establish a strong foundation for the launch of our new M.D. curriculum this fall.”

The LCME identified six areas that would benefit from ongoing monitoring in advance of the 2019-2020 site visit.

“These six standards relate to areas that we agree need continued monitoring, including diversity, student financial aid and debt management,” said Senior Associate Dean George Mejicano. “We have long-term goals related to these issues and our plans may occasionally need adjusting based on future data.”


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