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ct82312M.D. Curriculum Transformation moves forward with retreat and work groups

The School of Medicine is embarking on an exciting initiative to transform the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) curriculum. The initiative will help prepare future physicians for the changing health care delivery and discovery environments, in ways that continue placing emphasis on self-directed education and also include lifelong and interprofessional education.

"Academic medicine is at a cross-road," said Dean Mark Richardson. "While there are many challenges before us, there are an equal number of new opportunities. One of those opportunities is a reconsideration of our M.D. curriculum to ensure it matches the external evolution and is structured to produce graduates who will lead a transformation of our state and nation's health care systems."

Leslie Kahl, M.D., associate dean for strategic initiatives and professor in the Department of Medicine, is leading an initial planning process to help the school identify an organizational framework for this initiative. Updates are being provided on the internal blog EdNews (OHSU login required). Along with the guidance of the M.D. Curriculum Transformation Steering Committee.

retreat to kick off the M.D. Curriculum Transformation initiative is scheduled for Oct. 9. "We want to hear voices from all parts of the School of Medicine, and this will be an opportunity to think creatively and work collaboratively with others who are interested in creating a future M.D. curriculum," said Dr. Kahl.

Faculty, students and staff were invited to get involved by joining one or more of six work groups established to help propel the initiative. These groups are based on guiding principles developed by the steering committee. The time commitment varies for each group, but the overall process will not be onerous and should conclude in two to four months.

"The possibilities for our future M.D. curriculum are many," said Dr. Kahl. "I hope you'll join me in this transformation process."


M.D. Curriculum Transformation Retreat
Tuesday, Oct. 9 | 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m
OHSU Auditorium | Add to your calendar