Off to Michigan: A successful Couples Match

Couples MatchDonna Kang, MS4, and Terry Lee, MS4, participated in a couples match and are headed to the University of Michigan, where they will train in the internal medicine program.

In applying for residency, Donna and Terry traveled together to various medical schools to interview. "Along the way, we visited awesome cities, like LA, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Ann Arbor, and San Francisco," said Terry. "While the unknown of where we would ultimately match to felt stressful, being together made it fun, and in some ways, less stressful."

The couple met at OHSU and started dating during their second year. "Dating another med student worked out great for us," said Donna. "The long hours of studying, the crazy board exams, and end of the day exhaustion were demanding. But we really understood each other, which helped make medical school easier."

Together time for Donna and Terry often meant study time. "We had many date nights at the OHSU library and studying at a Portland coffee shop," said Donna. "It was fun to just randomly pimp each other on random medical subjects!"

Donna was born in South Korea, and moved to Portland at age of 14. She attended University of Portland for her undergraduate work, majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry. Terry was born and raised in Seattle, WA. He attended University of Washington for his undergraduate work, double majoring in English and neurobiology.