ARCS names eight new OHSU scholars to brighten the future of science

arcs-92513September 25, 2013

The future of science recently took another step forward when ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) Foundation Portland named eight new scholars in the OHSU Graduate Studies Program. This brings the cumulative support for OHSU graduate studies students to 89 studentsand more than $1.25 million since the founding of the Portland Chapter in 2005.

ARCS Foundation is a national women's group that supports and nurtures American women and men in doctoral programs. The Portland chapter supports students at OHSU and Oregon State University to take on the science challenges of today and tomorrow. In addition to OHSU's eight graduate studies scholars, ARCS gave one award to an OHSU nursing student and eleven awards to students from Oregon State University.

"ARCS scholarships help us attract the best and brightest graduate students from across the country into our graduate programs," said Allison Fryer, Ph.D., associate dean for graduate studies and professor of medicine. "However, ARCS goes much further than providing financial support. ARCS members in all ways cheer on all our graduate students as they work toward their Ph.D. ARCS members attend thesis defense seminars, judge the 3 Minute Thesis Competition and invite hungry and homesick students home to dinner. They provide visible evidence to all our graduate students that people outside of OSHU care deeply about education and the future of research in the United States."

The ARCS Foundation Scholar Award is $18,000, payable over three years at $6,000 per year, with each award presented in October. Recipients of these highly sought-after awards have gone on to conduct significant breakthrough research in fields of science and technology; found companies; receive patents; publish extensively in major science journals; and receive national or international science-based awards. 

"The Portland ARCS Foundation members realize the demands of graduate school on young and aspiring scientists," said Devon Anderson, an MD/PhD candidate and current ARCS scholar. "The generous support they provide, both financially and personally, has afforded me the ability to balance my path toward a career as a physician-scientist with the lifestyle I hoped I could achieve as an MD/PhD student. This award has enabled me to build personal relationships and adventure in the great Oregon outdoors. I look forward to my years ahead as an ARCS Scholar."

In the Summer 2013 ARCS newsletter, Tara White Adams, Ph.D. '12, a post-doc at the University of Colorado, was appreciative for the impact ARCS had on her education. "A huge thank you for all that you (ARCS) have done for me, and for countless other scholars throughout Oeregon who have been positively impacted by the generosity of ARCS Portland."

For photos, descriptions of research focus, and a listing of donors, please visit the ARCS website.

2014 ARCS SoM Graduate Studies Scholars:

  • Devon Anderson
  • Reena Clements (pictured, above middle)
  • Nora Hammack
  • Scott Jones
  • Hillary Rodgers (picture, above left)
  • Quinn Roth-Carter
  • Zachary Schwartz (pictured, above right)
  • Helen Wu



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