Catching a ride

Shuttle_busOver the decades, the OHSU community has developed many creative solutions to the challenges posed by our hilltop location. During the 1920s, shuttles made daily trips to bring passengers from the center of town to Marquam Hill. Although the service was not heavily used by students, members of the M.D. classes of 1925 and 1926 posed on the shuttle one day for campus photographer Charles F. Norris. Sharing a ride are Robert L. McArthur (driver), Ellsworth F. Lucas (on running board), Frank H. Douglass, Walter W. Gilbert, Paul Bailey, William P. Holbrook, Joseph B. McCarthy, Harley R. Shields, William W. Sutherland, and an unidentified man. The shuttle is parked in front of the Medical Science Building, which is now Mackenzie Hall.

The photograph, dating from the mid-1920s, is from an album kept by Charles Norris during his career as the university's photographer. The rest of his album includes lively images of university students, faculty and staff from the 1910s-1960s. When Norris wasn't busy on campus, he found other clever uses for his skills. As reported by Popular Science and Life magazine in 1937, Norris ended repeated thefts of his milk delivery by setting a "camera trap" that was wired to photograph the thief when a bottle was moved. "Apparently the mere flash of the bulb was sufficient protection, for after one 'shot' the milk has remained undisturbed," reported Popular Science.

Contributed by Maija Anderson, archivist, OHSU Historical Collections & Archives