OHSU receives $1 million for M.D. Curriculum Transformation

June 14, 2013

Eleven medical school awardees become part of AMA learning consortium to rapidly disseminate best practices

The American Medical Association (AMA) has announced the 11 medical schools that will receive funding as part of its Accelerating Change in Medical Education initiative. This initiative is aimed at transforming the way future physicians are trained. Each school receives $1 million over five years.

GeorgeMejicano-students-300x243“We are proud – and grateful – to be selected. This was a competitive process, with 119 medical schools from across the nation applying to participate in the AMA initiative,” said George Mejicano, M.D., senior associate dean for education. “The grant will allow us to amplify and accelerate our ongoing M.D. Curriculum Transformation initiative, and will support critical investments in faculty development."

“This AMA funding and accompanying national recognition is due to the expertise, innovative thinking and experience of our faculty, students and other educational leaders,” said Mark Richardson, M.D., MBA, dean, OHSU School of Medicine. “It also validates our approach to curriculum transformation thus far.”

DSC_02322-300x199The OHSU M.D. Curriculum Transformation initiative, launched in 2012, is answering this question: What will society need from physicians and health care professionals over the next 20 to 30 years? Building on what is successful in our current curriculum, the transformation initiative will make OHSU an even better medical school and will provide innovative and knowledgeable physician-leaders aligned with Oregon’s – and the nation’s – health care future.

“Transforming medical education is essential to maintaining and enhancing educational excellence at OHSU, and to contributing to the evolution of Oregon and the nation’s health care landscape,” said Dean Richardson. “The physician of the future will require different skills as we move into a new era in which genetics, health care reform and technology will exert strong influences on the future health care landscape.”

Additional reading:
– AMA media release describing the award
– Read the grant application narrative on Inside the SoM (OHSU login required)

Many people participated in developing a successful grant proposal. In addition to the foundational work of the members of M.D. Curriculum Transformation Steering Committee, the work groups and others involved in curriculum transformation over the past year, several faculty and staff contributed their specific insight, expertise and time to the AMA grant application. Many thanks to Jennifer Boyd, Tom Boudrot, Pat Brunett, Tracy Bumsted, Patty Carney, Nicole Deiorio, Tomo Ito, Bill Hersh, Leslie Kahl, George Mejicano and Elaine Rowzee.

On their website, the AMA states the broad goal of their educational initiative in this way: “Across the continuum of physician education, the gap between how physicians are being trained and the future needs of our health care system continues to widen. The American Medical Association will work to bridge this gap by accelerating change in medical education in the United States.”

Learn more and get regular updates about M.D. Curriculum Transformation at www.ohsu.edu/newcurriculum.