HOST Program: A home away from home

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October 16, 2014

Last September while on a neurosurgery  rotation, Kate Wagner, M.D. '14, stayed at the home of Shireen and Bruce Mooers in Salt Lake City. Shireen Mooers, M.D. '84, practices pediatrics, and Bruce Mooers, M.D. '81, practices emergency medicine.

Dr. Wagner, who is pursuing a neurosurgery residency, connected with the Mooers through the HOST program.

The OHSU Help Our Students Travel, or HOST program, administered by the OHSU Alumni Relations and Educational Development team and overseen by the School of Medicine Alumni Council, began more than 15 years ago as a way to link traveling fourth-year M.D. students with alumni hosts around the country.

"The Mooers were so welcoming and helpful," said Dr. Wagner. "I really appreciate the HOST program and am thankful to the alumni who help us."

"Hosting a student keeps you in touch with medical training at OHSU and alleviates the financial and travel demands fourth-year students face," wrote the Mooers. "Plus, it was easy! All you need is a spare bedroom; Kate arrived with her own car. We enjoyed learning about the lives of students at OHSU. Do they still go to Alexis, the Greek restaurant on Burnside? Yes, they do! We looked forward to Kate's return late each evening to hear about her day in surgery. We kept trying to feed her but learned a student is rarely home for much breakfast and gets in too late for dinner. Having some leftovers in the fridge is enough! Hosting reminded us of an incredible group of motivated young people who get up early (4:30 a.m., yikes) and work long hours to pursue their goals."

Alumni: Volunteer now for the HOST program! We are in particular need of alumni hosts outside of Oregon. To volunteer, please email


Photo credit: Mooers