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M.D. Curriculum Transformation

What will society need from physicians over the next 20 to 30 years? Imagine the future.

Frequently Asked Questions: Draft M.D. Curriculum Template

What is the current status of the M.D. Curriculum Transformation Draft Tempate? The process kicked off in October 2012. From then until March, a great deal of work was accomplished by the steering committee and the six faculty work groups. This included integration of information from a detailed academic literature review, curriculum reviews from selected medical schools around the nation, site visits to other medical schools, a faculty survey, focus groups with key stakeholders and more. From this, a draft curricular template has been developed to guide the next phase of the transformation. On March 15, the School of Medicine Curriculum Committee voted to approve the draft template and proceed with the next steps in the transformation.

May I view the draft template? Yes. Please review and provide feedback. Links to two videos describing the draft template are provided below. Please also view the accompanying draft curriculum template as the video is playing (link provided below).

How can I find out more about the process? Check out the Overview FAQs and other resources posted on the website www.ohsu.edu/newcurriculum. And ask questions! We welcome your feedback. Send feedback to somdeansoffice@ohsu.edu.

What guided the process? One of the first accomplishments of the Steering Committee was the development of "guiding principles" for how to undertake the process of curriculum transformation. These six principles were core to the development of the draft framework now being discussed. The principles were presented for feedback at the October 2012 all-school kickoff retreat. More broadly, the Curriculum Committee has adopted an Undergraduate Medical Education Philosophy and Guiding Principles that provide a frame for the curriculum itself.

What is the overarching goal of the new curriculum? Our goal is to boldly and innovatively bridge the growing divide between how physicians are trained and the health care landscape of the future.Producing physicians able to help create and be successful in a sustainable high-quality and accessible health care system is our responsibility to Oregon and beyond.

Is there something wrong with existing M.D. curriculum? No. The current curriculum is strong and produces exceptional graduates. The draft template builds on the existing strong curriculum but also provides new elements that enhance it in ways that are more learner-centric and adaptable, and are competency (rather than time) –based. A key goal of the curriculum is also to ensure that graduates are ready for residency (an area also undergoing considerable educational change).

Are there themes that emerged during this first phase to draft the M.D. Curriculum framework? The work groups and steering committee were directed by the guiding principles. But overall, themes that permeate the framework are that the new curriculum is more learner-centric and adaptable, and competency-based. For example, it could be possible for a student to complete the M.D. curriculum in three years; this might be appropriate, for example, for students already trained as Physician Assistants or Nurses.

How do I learn more? Read the resources at the website and watch the two videos that describe the draft curriculum template. This is a very exciting change for OHSU but change of any kind can be unsettling. It's important that everyone take the time to understand the facts, participate and ask questions.


  • Draft Curriculum Template to accompany both videos (please download this .pdf and either print this out or have it on your screen when watching the videos; the draft template can be difficult to see in the videos).
  • Draft Curriculum Template Overview: Video - Senior Associate Dean George Mejicano provides an overview of the draft M.D. curriculum template
  • FAQ Draft Curriculum Template: Video  - Senior Associate Dean George Mejicano answers questions about the draft Curriculum Template
  • Guiding Principles: Curriculum Transformation Process
  • Undergraduate Medical Education Philosophy and Guiding Principles
  • Faculty survey results
  • All previous School of Medicine updates and articles on curriculum transformation

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