Dental Students Win Research Award

Dental Student Research in Kenya

The research of second-year dental students Amelia and Sydney Stoker, and Caroline DeVincenzi has been awarded first place for the Predoctoral Dental Student Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community Health Dentistry.

The OHSU School of Dentistry students spent three weeks in Kenya in September 2013 on a Global Health Center Student Summer Scholarship.

While in Kenya, the dental students assessed the oral health of 11-to-13-year-olds for the prevalence of dental caries, provided oral instructions, took water samples to determine fluoride content, and interviewed adults, handing out brushes and toothpaste. 

“We found a lot of bombed out first molars in the school children, and many kids reported being in pain constantly,” said Sydney.

One unexpected component of the girls’ research was the many children who eat sugar cane regularly, said Caroline. “There is not much recent research on sugar cane and its effect on oral health,” she said.

The dental students head to the National Oral Health Conference in late April to present their research.