Sterilizer Monitoring Service Available

For several decades, the dental school has offered third-party sterilizer monitoring. Steven King, Ph.D., associate professor of integrative biosciences, now directs OHSU’s Sterilizer Monitoring Service, which has clients from Alaska to Florida.

“Anyone who needs to maintain records indicating that sterilization equipment functions properly will use a monitoring service such as ours,” said Dr. King. “This includes dentists, surgeons, body artists, and sterilizer repairmen.”

For dental offices, most states—including Oregon, Washington, and California—require weekly monitoring of sterilizers. Medical offices in those states are required to test monthly. In Oregon, businesses conducting electrolysis, piercing, or tattooing, also are required to monitor sterilizer function monthly.

“We are pleased to be one of the main providers of sterilizer monitoring in the Portland area,” said Dr. King.

For information about the dental school’s Sterilizer Monitoring Service, please call (503) 494-4641, or go to and click on “About” and then “Services.” More information is also available in the January 2015 Dental Bites.