Research Day Exhibits Mentoring

Joseph Knight Jacqueline Platta

There were 33 posters on display at the OHSU School of Dentistry’s fifth annual Research Day in late May. The research posters are an indication of the many positive faculty-student mentor relationships, said Gary Chiodo, D.M.D. `78, F.A.C.D.

“The posters look terrific,” said Dr. Chiodo at the May 31 event. “They are truly representative of the academic and intellectual activity being completed by students and faculty. Mentoring is one of the most effective ways for faculty to teach dentistry because it cements working relationships with those who will be our future colleagues.”

Of the 33 posters, 12 were projects completed by students, two by residents, and 16 by faculty.

Jeffrey Fellows, Ph.D., director of the western region of the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network, and an investigator at the Center for Health Research at Kaiser Permanente Northwest, gave the platform presentation. Dr. Fellows talked about “Energizing Tobacco Control Efforts: Key Opportunities for Dental Practitioners and Researchers.”

Lunch was provided by Permanente Dental Associates with support for Research Day by P & G Oral Health.

Dental students and residents presented their posters to several judges. First-year dental student Joseph Knight and his research team received first place for “Improved Bond Strength Through Collagen Cross-Linking in Dental Composite Adhesives,” and Kayly Lembke, an OHSU doctoral student in Associate Dean for Research David Morton [Ph.D.]’s lab, won second place for “The effects of loss of TDP-43 function on synaptic transmission at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction in a model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.”

The Dean’s Office continued its tradition of providing summer research fellowships for dental students. Receiving $2,000 stipend, plus $600 for travel are first-year dental students Rachel Findlay (“Immunocytochemical Analysis of Rat Brainstem Cardiorespiratory Control Neurons” with mentor Agnieszka Balkowiec, Ph.D., M.D., professor of integrative biosciences); Nhu Nguyen (“Development of Acidurity Gene Knockouts and Mutans Streptococci Genetic Strains Isolated within Carious Lesions” with Elizabeth Palmer, D.M.D. `08, Pediatric Dentistry `10, assistant professor of pediatric dentistry, as mentor); and Jacqueline Platta ("Collagen cross-linking potential of riboflavin-containing bonding materials"with Carmem Pfeifer, D.D.S., Ph.D., assistant professor of restorative dentistry, as mentor).

The winners from the Student Table Clinic during Oregon Dental Conference weekend were also announced on Research Day. They are:

First place:  Second-year dental student Mary Vaughan ($500 from the Oregon Dental Association (ODA) and all expenses paid by Dentsply to present at the American Dental Association annual meeting in November in New Orleans);

Second place: Second-year dental student K.C. Gilbert ($500 from the ODA);

Third place: Second-year dental student Margaret Campbell ($500 from the ODA);

Fourth place: First-year dental student Joseph Knight ($250 from the school Alumni Association);

Fifth place: Second-year dental student Devin Wahlstrom ($200 from the Dean’s office);

Sixth place:  Second-year dental student John McLennan ($150 from the school Alumni Association).