Dental Students Win OHSU Quiz Bowl

Which OHSU students know the most about medicine? If the recent university Rho Chi Quiz Bowl is any indication, dental students are tops. OHSU School of Dentistry’s team of four third-year dental students—Jessica Henderson, Brian Bollwitt, JJ Ooi, and Courtney Hays—took first amongst seven medical, nursing, and pharmacy competitor teams.

“Our team came together because I am an uber-nerd and I love quizzes!” said Jessica. “I asked my very good friend, and one of the smartest people I know, Courtney, to help me win the quiz bowl. Courtney then asked some of her smartest friends, JJ, and Brian, to help.

“The quiz bowl was a fantastic event,” added Jessica. “It was a delight to get to use our knowledge of medicine which we have been amassing for so many years.”

The Rho Quiz Bowl was sponsored by OHSU’s College of Pharmacy and Rho Chi, and was open to all OHSU students. Questions were incorporated into the competition from faculty members all over campus.

Quiz bowl questions nailed by the dental student team included:  Who discovered penicillin? (Alexander Fleming); what is the pathognomonic cell of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma? (The Reed-Sternburg cell); and what does the acronym AAA stand for? (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm).

Each team member received a $25 gift card. “I intend to use my gift card to stay up late studying so we can win next year!” said Jessica.