New Grant for Machida Lab

OHSU School of Dentistry has a new grant to report. The lab of Curt Machida, Ph.D., `83, principal investigator and professor of integrative biosciences and pediatric dentistry, recently received a three-year, $455,520 R15 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)’s National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. R15 grants are academic research enhancement awards for educational institutions to provide research experiences for students and graduate residents.

Under this grant, Machida and his team will study cariogenic microorganisms in children with severe early childhood caries.  The title of the project is: “Dominant Mutans Streptococci Genetic Strains in Caries-Active Children.”

“Dental caries represents one of the most common chronic diseases affecting young children, and is a multi-factorial disease involving complex interactions of risk factors,” said Dr. Machida. “With the mutans streptococci group as the most cariogenic microorganisms associated with dental caries, we propose to identify the microbial factors affecting the genetic diversity and potential selection of mutans streptococci strains following caries restorative therapy in children. Our study is innovative because of its potential to predict the outcome of caries preventive therapy based on the identification of the mutans streptococci strains.”

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