Marquam Hill Dental Building Deconstruction

Marquam Hill Building

With the Marquam Hill dental school building officially closed and sealed, OHSU Facilities and Logistics is turning its attention to safely and cost-effectively deconstructing the 1956 structure. A comprehensive deconstruction plan is in the works and could be approved as early as January.

“This is not your routine demolition project,” said Lee Weidman, project manager. ”The biggest challenge is that a portion of Southwest Campus Drive is supported by the back wall of the building. You can’t collapse the building without retaining the hillside.  We are working through options that would allow us to strengthen that wall so that once the building is gone the existing back wall will be strong enough to keep the hillside where it belongs.

“One concept under consideration involves cutting holes in the back wall and then drilling auger piles into the hillside behind it,” said Lee.  “The piles are then connected to the existing wall with steel and concrete to create an assembly that is strong enough to hold back the hillside.  In order to do this, we have to remove the building floor by floor, and strengthen the wall as we work our way down.” 

Stay tuned for more information in the January Dental Bites,