e-Textbooks for Class of 2018

Beginning in September, the OHSU School of Dentistry’s entering doctor of dental medicine class will purchase electronic textbooks, rather than the hard copy textbooks dental students have been purchasing for decades. Dental students purchase required textbooks for each course over the four years of dental school, said Phyllis Beemsterboer, M.S., Ed.D., associate dean for academic affairs.

“Hardbound, hefty dental school textbooks will soon be a relic of our past,” said Dr. Beemsterboer. “About one-third of dental schools nationally are already using e-textbooks and we decided that, especially with a new facility, it was the right time to improve the pre-doctoral textbook system for our students.”

First-year dental students will purchase their texts through the VitalSource Bookshelf, which supports a range of applications that enable students to read and interact with their content anytime, anywhere. Students are able to download or read their e-textbooks online, search content, create highlight sections, and make and share notes—with or without access to the Internet.

When dental students graduate, they take their electronic bookshelf with them.

“These are the library of texts that every practicing dentist, as well as every dental student should have at their fingertips,” said Dr. Beemsterboer. “The cost of the e-textbooks is comparable, there is less for students to carry and store, and the system creates a vehicle for applying evidence-based thinking for the developing dental professional.”

Dental faculty and students will be trained on the new e-textbook system this fall.