Pre-doctoral Clinic Proposal Makes School History


Valentine’s Day came a little early to the OHSU School of Dentistry this year, with a proposal of marriage on the pre-doctoral clinic floor on Feb. 4.

“Yes, yes, I love you, I can’t believe it!” said a tearful third-year dental student Rose Vaughan, after classmate Jason Greyslak proposed marriage over the clinic intercom, to the claps and cheers of students, staff, faculty, and patients, many of them wiping away their own tears. “I am freaking out.”

Rose and Jason met in 2011 when they entered dental school. “I am not the type who likes to have a lot of attention, so this was way out of character for me,” said Jason, who admitted his nervousness pre-proposal. “But the relationship we have developed is partly due to our classmates and the school in general and I wanted to do something special for her.

“It seemed fitting that I include the dental school somehow in the proposal,” he said. “I thought it would be a memorable and fun way to pop the big question.”

Jason picked Feb. 4 for his proposal because it was Rose’s birthday.

Engagements – and marriages – between dental students are not uncommon. However, “to my knowledge, this is the first such proposal on our pre-doctoral clinic floor,” said Interim Dean Gary Chiodo, D.M.D. `78, F.A.C.D., who asked for everyone’s attention and introduced Jason on the intercom. “When Jason asked for my permission to make his proposal, it seemed like a neat idea and a great way to start off everyone’s morning.”

After Jason’s intercom proposal on the south side of the pre-doctoral clinic, which is separated by the cashier’s office, he met Rose in the reception area and repeated his proposal on bended knee with an engagement ring. Her answer came readily.

“We had talked about getting engaged, but I didn’t think this would happen until after dental school,” said Rose. “I was definitely surprised!

“I am so happy.”

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