Class of 2017 Arrives

Class of 2017 

A new crop of dental students has matriculated to OHSU School of Dentistry! Seventy-five first-year dental students were selected from a record applicant pool of 1,235.

“We know that you have a choice of dental schools and we thank you for choosing OHSU,” said Interim Dean Gary Chiodo, D.M.D. `78, F.A.C.D., on Aug. 12, the first day on campus for the new dental students. “You are the best of the best.”

Dr. Chiodo noted that the Class of 2017 is beginning their four-year curriculum at a time when dentistry - and OHSU - are entering a Renaissance period.

“This is a really interesting time, not just for the future of dentistry as the oral health care model in Oregon undergoes a change, but at OHSU, as well,” he said. “Your class marks the beginning of OHSU’s new interprofessional education (IPE) curriculum for first-year students where you will be educated with your medical, nursing, and pharmacy peers. We have a new dean starting September 1, and we are less than a year away from moving to our new facility on South Waterfront.

“All of this has combined into an exciting time at OHSU School of Dentistry and your class will be at the forefront of this new era.”

Fifty-one (68 percent) of the Class of 2017 are from Oregon; seven are from WICHE sites; and 17 are from out of state.

The average age is 25, with 47 males and 27 females, and the overall grade point average is 3.65. All of the students have bachelor’s degrees, three have master’s degrees, and several either double-majored or earned a second bachelor’s degree.

When self-reporting on ethnicity (and more than one ethnicity can be reported so the total may be greater than the number of matriculants), 55 DS1’s indicated they are Caucasian; 14 said they are Asian; three selected Hispanic/Latino; one reported more than one ethnicity; and two did not report.

Eleven from the Class of 2017 (Jordan Bodily, Anthony Bouneff, Travis Burk, Melany Hancock, Kyle Hansen, Chet Heap, Demetri Howerton, Erik Jenson, Raphael Joseph, Drew Pearson, and Anne Purcell) have either fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, and cousins who are OHSU School of Dentistry alumni.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” said Yvonne Han, 24, a recent Portlander who received a bachelor of science in general science from Portland State University, and volunteered at the school before applying. “I’m half excited, half nervous.

“I know I’m going to get a good clinical education,” said Yvonne. “A lot of PSU graduates come to OHSU and I have heard a lot of good things about it. And the people here are nice.

“I used to have periodontal disease growing up in Shanghai and the dentist did a good job taking care of me so I thought it was a good profession,” she said. “I want to learn how to help myself, my family, and other people.”