Dental Student Juggles School with Blazer Dancing


Rose has always loved dancing. So, when the opportunity arose to join the Blazer Dancers, Rose went for it.

“I’ve danced since I was 10,” said the Oregon native and fourth-year dental student. “I started with hip hop and just kept going from there.

“Dancing and dentistry are similar in that they both require persistence. You also work under pressure and have to perform well and relate to people.”

Rose danced for Tigard High School, the Oregon State University cheer team, and for the past four years, the Portland Winter Hawks Rosebuds. Dancing for the Trailblazers was the next logical step.

“I’ve wanted to dance with the Blazers for so long,” said Rose. “I just kept trying until I made the team. Dancing is such a release for me and it’s great exercise, too. It’s a lot with dental school, but I love it.”

Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry Tom Galbraith, D.D.S., who leads the Broadway group practice to which Rose belongs, first saw Rose dance several years ago at a dental school talent show.

“There was a group of 10 male and female students dancing, with one of Rose’s classmates singing while they danced,” said Dr. Galbraith. “It was a really great number and Rose had choreographed the whole routine. They won first place in the talent show that year.

“Rose is also an excellent student and will make a very good dentist.”

Rose’s patients agree. Cindy Lind from Oregon City, Ore., began seeing Rose this year. “She’s wonderful,” said Cindy. “I really lucked out to be assigned to her. She’s such a perfectionist and she does excellent work.”

Said Rose, “I knew I wanted to be in a profession where I helped people and could build a relationship with them. I love dentistry. You see immediate results with patients. 

“I feel like OHSU prepares students well for a dental career. I am excited to graduate next June, and am considering going into public health.” 

One of 16 Blazer Dancers (only 12 dance at each home game) Rose made her debut in early November.

See Rose in a Blazer video at: