SDAA Awards 2015: Call for Nominations

Annual Meeting Honorary Alum Mary


They have changed lives through their teaching, advocacy and commitment to advancing the dental profession. Recipients of the annual Legacy Faculty and Alumnus/a of the Year awards merit the highest recognition the School of Dentistry Alumni Association can bestow, and the Nominations and Awards Committee of the School of Dentistry Alumni Association invites your input on awards for 2015 and onward.

Legacy Faculty Awards
Legacy faculty members have changed lives and challenged accepted norms in the classroom. They have influenced the practice of dentistry through their mastery of their subject, by expanding the boundaries of knowledge and by their challenging but compassionate commitment to the art of teaching. The work of legacy faculty nominees will continue and grow through the lives of those who experienced their influence in the classroom or the clinic. Nominees do not have to be alumni of the School of Dentistry and may be living or deceased. A list of prior recipients is available here.

John C. Peterson Alumnus/a of the Year
The Alumnus/a  of the Year award is presented to a graduate of the School of Dentistry who has made a positive difference through their professional and volunteer commitment to dentistry. Through their work they have strengthened the dental community, improved the professional environment for dentists and advocated for the increased role of dentistry in improving health and healthcare. A list of prior recipients is available here.

Nominations should be submitted to Please include your contact information, the name of the nominee and a brief (100-200 words) statement of support. Nominations will be accepted at any time during the year. Nominations submitted by October 31, 2014 will be considered for presentation at the April 2015 SDAA Awards Luncheon.