Our research covers many areas, including mechanics of polymers and polymer matrix composites, structure/property relationships in biomaterials, finite element analysis, micromechanics, tribology, tissue engineering, development of biomimetic materials, adhesion science, electron microscopy, fracture mechanics, clinical evaluation of materials and techniques, clinical evaluation of dental implants. Our current areas of focus include the numerical modeling and biophysical measurement of stress and strain resulting from polymerization shrinkage of polymer matrix composites, numerical modeling and prediction of physical properties of polymer matrix composites using micromechanics algorithms, studies on the influence of resin matrix chemistry and filler composition on the fracture, wear, shrinkage, fatigue and clinical performance of dental composites, development of fiber reinforced prosthetic materials, fundamental studies of nano-and micro-scale reinforcement of polymer matrix composites, studies on the factors affecting the adhesive strength of current dental resin systems, the development of bioactive glass materials for use as constructs for tissue engineering and for use as biomimetic dentin bonding agents and tooth desensitizers, clinical evaluations of dental materials using a practice-based research network, and clinical studies of the efficacy of treatment with dental implants. We have several industrial partners and have close ties with engineering at the OGI School of Science and Engineering. We apply leading edge engineering methods to synthetic and biological materials to understand their mechanical and physical behavior. Our research is currently funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Medical Research Foundation, and numerous industrial contracts.