LEND Psychology Internship Stipend and Benefits

The training program is supported through various sources, including federal training grants and internal or external partnerships. Interns are considered visiting students by OHSU and receive a stipend, rather than a salary. During the 2019-2020 training year, the stipend will be at least $25,000.
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Note, all interns are required to demonstrate that they have purchased medical insurance by the time of the start of the training year, and are required to maintain medical insurance for the entire training period. We have increased the stipend amount above pervious years to provide support for interns purchasing medical insurance (note, amount listed above is inclusive of this increase).

Additionally, interns receive a pass to use public transportation, 10 days personal time (inclusive of vacation and sick time), 10 days professional leave (e.g., dissertation defense, conferences, job interviews), and 8-10 days for holiday leave observed by OHSU.