Current and Previous Interns

Current (2018-2019) Psychology Interns

We feel fortunate that our program continues to attract interns from across the country with excellent academic and practical training that leads them to fully benefit from our internship program. Our current internship cohort includes:

Autism Spectrum Disorders Track

  • Emily Anderberg: Brigham Young University, Clinical Psychology Program (Ph.D. Candidate)

Neuropsychology Track

  • Skyler Leonard: University of Denver, Clinical Child Psychology Program (Ph.D. Candidate)

Special Health Needs Track

  • Annette Cantu: University of Texas-Austin, School Psychology Program (Ph.D. Candidate)
  • Krishnapriva Ramanujam: University of Utah, Clinical Psychology Program (Ph.D. Candidate)
  • Sarah Stanger: University of Vermont, Clinical/Developmental Psychology Program (Ph.D. Candidate)

Previous Psychology Interns

Former interns have continued on into successful careers in psychology.

Listed below are some examples of positions of interns who recently completed our program

  • Postdoctoral fellowships (most common position post completion) in pediatric psychology, neuropsychology, behavioral medicine, child and family studies, developmental disabilities, and behavioral disorders of children and adolescents; recent examples include:
    • Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School Pain Fellowship
    • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Pediatric Pain Research Fellowship
    • Children's Hospital of New Orleans Pediatric Psychology Fellowship
    • Yale Child Study Center Youth Conduct Fellowship
    • OHSU Family Medicine Concussion Fellowship
    • OHSU IDD Division of Psychology GI Fellowship
    • Riley Children's Hospital ASD Fellowship
    • Rice University Psychneuroimmunology Fellowship
    • OHSU IDD Division of Psychology ASD Fellowship
    • University of San Francisco Center for Autism
    • University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center ASD Fellowship
    • University of Washington Pediatric Pain Fellowship
  • Academic positions at national and international universities and medical centers; examples include: 
    • The MIND Institute 
    • Riley Children's Hospital 
    • Oregon Health & Science University
    • Washington State University
  • Clinical psychologists in community-based programs 
  • Clinical psychologists in private practice 
  • School psychologists
  • Neuropsychologists operating in a variety of practice settings