Outpatient Treatment Services

The Division of Psychology maintains an active outpatient treatment program focused on serving children, adolescents, and families with a variety of presenting concerns. Referrals are received from clinics that specialize in children with developmental disorders, general and specialty pediatric clinics at Doernbecher Children's Hospital, community pediatricians/family practitioners, other community sources, and families. Given the clinical programs at our facility and setting in which the program operates, a sizable percentage of children present with co-occurring developmental and/or medical conditions, though healthy children with emotional and behavioral challenges are seen.

Interns in all tracks are actively involved in providing services through this program. In general, interns provide therapy services in the following areas: family therapy interventions; parent-child interactions and parent training; individual treatment of emotional and/or behavioral challenges, often associated with developmental/medical conditions; and psychosocial and behavioral interventions with individuals presenting with a wide variety of presenting concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression, behavioral challenges) and their families. Interns typically have 2-3 treatment cases at any one time. Emphasis is on shorter-term (e.g., 8-16 sessions) and focused therapy, though care is extended based on clinical complexity and need.

In addition to providing outpatient treatment services through the division's treatment program, all interns will provide care through the General Pediatrics Behavioral Health Consultation Clinic. This clinic serves patients of OHSU general pediatrics clinics and is designed to offer either a) short term, focused treatment for presenting issues that warrant more care than offered by pediatricians but are likely to respond well to a brief course of care and b) stabilization and maintenance while patients seek ongoing specialty mental health care. Interns see 1-2 patients per week via this clinic.