Division of Psychology Mission and Values Statement

The Division of Psychology within the CDRC is committed to providing excellence in customer service and care in the provision of psychological assessment and treatment to youth with special health care needs in its broadest definition with a faculty that is focused on scholarship, training, collaboration, innovation, and sustainable activities.


Customer Service: Customer service is the corner stone of the Division of Psychology in that both internal and external customers are critical aspects of all that is done within the division and by division faculty. Providing excellence in customer service hinges on the development and nurturing of relationships with individuals within the medical center and outside of the medical center regardless of professional status.

Collaboration: Division faculty establish collaborative relationships within the division, within the CDRC, within the Dept. of Pediatrics, and across the medical center in the development and maintenance of both clinical care and research endeavors.

Training: Grounded in the scientist-practitioner model, the division's training program emphasizes the development of skills to prepare future psychologist and other health care professionals to provide effective services to youth with special health care needs. All faculty contribute to the training program. The training vision encompasses both attention to trainees and their development and also ensuring that trainers (i.e., faculty) continually evaluate themselves and the training program to ensure best practices are promoted. Trainees include, but are not limited to practicum students, doctoral interns, post-doctoral fellows, medical students, and medical residents. In addition, the training program will move towards financial independence and long-term sustainability.

Scholarship: Faculty are involved in scholarship on many levels. At the broadest level of scholarship, faculty will work from an evidence-supported framework regardless of activity (i.e., clinical care, training, or research), while other faculty will have independent lines of research. In addition, all faculty will be involved in some aspect of scientific discovery from providing psychological assessment or treatment on a funded research project to conducting an independent line of research.

Sustainable Activities: Collectively, the faculty of the Division of Psychology work to involve themselves in sustainable activities and seek out opportunities and develop ideas that result in sustainability.

Innovation:  Innovation in clinical care, scholarship, and training is a defining characteristic of "how" we approach our work activities.  Through an openness to learning, incorporation of creativity in the workplace, and willingness to take calculated risks, we will maintain a future-oriented vision.   Incorporating this cultural value into practice will greatly increase our probability promoting our Division's health and growth.


The IDD Division of Psychology recognizes shared essential values. These represent the overarching principles that guide and shape decision making, individual and division-wide activities pursued, interactions among members of the division and beyond, and education of new members of the division. They serve as a reference point for self-reflection and program enhancement for the internship program as well.

In no particular order, the Division's shared values are:

  1. We engage in work and service that is of the highest quality
  2. We prioritize ongoing learning and growth
  3. We create a positive work environment
  4. We take time for family and fun
  5. We value integrity and honesty
  6. We are flexible in our thinking and as a division
  7. We are better when we work together
  8. We aim to support diversity in our work