Diversity at OHSU

Our program is committed to a welcoming environment that respects and honors diversity in all its forms (e.g., ethnicity, race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, disability). To that end, we particularly welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds.

OHSU takes its commitment to diversity seriously and as such has several initiatives and programs that ensure our environment is welcoming to patients, trainees, and staff/faculty of varied background.

The OHSU Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity provides support to ensure that individuals with disabilities receive appropriate accommodation and support to be successful in completing work-place activities. The Division of Psychology Internship Program has an excellent working relationship with this office to ensure that we are appropriately meeting the needs of interns with accommodation needs.

The Center for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs (CeDMA) at Oregon Health & Science University supports and works to promote an environment that values and nurtures an inclusive environment of diversity throughout the university; to learn more about this and related programs, please go to http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/about/vision/diversity/index.cfm.

Examples of services and programs sponsored by, or aligned with CeDMA, include OHSU Pride (employee resource group that fosters an inclusive environment that promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer wellness, education, research and advocacy within and across OHSU and the community), CultureVision (an online training and resource repository to improve providers' capacity to effectively meet the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds), translation and interpreter services to meet the needs of non-English speaking patients, and a cultural competency lecture series, to name just a few.