LEND Psychology Internship - Didactic Training Activities


All psychology staff, interns, and post-doctoral fellows, meet monthly for discussion of relevant articles in various areas of interest and application to the science and practice of psychology and related fields. Interns both participate in and lead journal club meetings.


These 1-hour weekly sessions are given for psychology interns by the psychology faculty and professionals from other disciplines at IDD and OHSU. They are generally organized by topics of child/pediatric psychology including foundational knowledge and skills (e.g., effective methods of giving feedback, inpatient consultation, ethics and legal issues), professional development (e.g., giving effective talks, job interviewing and negotiating, supervision provision), advanced clinical knowledge and skills (e.g., tic/habit disorders and their behavioral treatment, treatment of anxiety disorder, pediatric pain) and special topics (e.g., children's understanding of death, pediatric epilepsy), as well as other topics based on expertise and interest. Each intern also provides at least one seminar presentation.


This is offered to LEND trainees of all disciplines. Psychology interns (regardless of track) participate in this interdisciplinary curriculum, which includes both experiential and didactic training activities. The goal is to provide training and experience in twelve areas resulting in leadership competence. Some content is presented within an Interdisciplinary Seminar, a weekly seminar during which experts from within and outside the IDD engage trainees in information based on their area of expertise. Additional content is addressed through participation in community engagement projects, offering community-based trainings, family mentorship experiences, and potentially serving on committees and state planning groups.


Many opportunities are provided throughout campus for additional didactic experiences. These include all educational events presented by Oregon Health & Science University such as regularly scheduled colloquia, seminars, workshops, and grand rounds. Interns are strongly encouraged to attend Pediatric Grand Rounds. The training director distributes information on presentations and workshops occurring locally, regionally, and nationally.