LEND Psychology Internship Aim

As an accredited internship program, as of January 1, 2017, our program emphasizes promotion of profession-wide competencies as articulated by the Standards of Accreditation. Clinical and non-clinical training activities are designed to promote attainment of profession-wide competencies within the context of our specific program aims. We strive to ensure that interns move toward independence to be ready for entry to practice in all profession-wide competencies by the end of their internship year (recognizing that in many jurisdictions additional post-doctoral training and supervision is required before independent practice).

Program Aim:

To prepare interns to demonstrate entry level, effective, and appropriate care of youth wtih special needs.

Emphasis of internship training within the IDD Division of Psychology is on the development of profession-wide competencies specifically within the context serving youth with special health needs and their families, and in functioning as a psychologist within a hospital-based setting. Training elements emphasize knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes necessary to function as a psychologist ready for entry to practice broadly, with particular emphasis on this patient population and professional context. Training includes the full spectrum of professional activities that may be pursued by a doctoral level psychologists (e.g., assessment, intervention, consultation, research, program development). Note, our internship program does not define any program-specific competencies. Rather, we accomplish our aim by attending to the required profession-wide competencies within the training activities and context.