LEND Practicum Training Program

The Division of Psychology provides practicum training opportunities through both their Eugene and Portland activities. The goal of the practicum training program is to offer graduate students opportunities to develop skills in providing evaluation and/or management for youth with developmental, medical, and/or behavioral challenges, all within a tertiary hospital context. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary care are emphasized.

Training opportunities vary from year to year, based on faculty activities and clinic structures. Examples of practicum training opportunities offered in the past include:

  • ADHD/LD Clinic:Offers initial or secondary evaluation of concerns with attention, hyperactivitity/impulsivity, and learning.
  • Autism Clinic:Offers initial interdisciplinary diagnostic evaluation of concerns related to social engagement, repetitive behaviors, restricted interests, and other indicators of a possible autism spectrum condition.
  • Child Development Clinic:Offers outpatient interdisciplinary evaluations for youth with a host of developmental, medical, and/or behavioral issues.
  • Cochlear Implant Clinic:Offers pre- and post-implant evaluation of developmental, intellectual, and behavioral status of children receiving cochlear implants.
  • Neuropsychology Clinic:Offers neuropsychological assessment for youth serviced by the Division of Pediatric Neurology; patients include those with post-trauma brain injury, seizure disorders, and other neurological conditions suspected of resulting in cognitive compromise.
  • Neurobehavioral Clinic:Offered behavioral evaluations of individuals with significant developmental disorders and severe behavior problems (e.g., self-injury, aggression, destructive behavior).

Beyond specific clinical training activities, practicum students are invited to participate in a host of psychology-specific and interdisciplinary didactic training opportunities. Further, research opportunities, including opportunities to collaborate on existing research, provide mentored reviews of manuscripts submitted for possible publication, and grant development, are available from time to time for interested students.


Eugene Campus:

Applicants interested in training opportunities through our Eugene campus should contact Dr. Debra Eisert at 541-346-2579 or eisertd@ohsu.edu.

Portland Campus:

All students interested in completing practicum training at the Portland Campus must have earned their master's degree prior to the start of the training year. Practicum training opportunities are only available to doctoral students at two local universities: George Fox University and Pacific University. Students interested in completed doctoral training must pursue this interest through the application structure established by their local university. Individuals contacting our program directly will be instructed to speak with their respective Directors of Training at their home institution.