LEND Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

NOTE: This page has not been updated for the 2013-2014 training year. We anticipate adding updates in the near future. Please check back for additional information.

The Division of Psychology at the Child Development Rehabilitation Center (CDRC), Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), Portland, OR, is recruiting for 3 full-time psychology post-doctoral fellows for one-year appointments with the possibility of extending to 2 years. The Division consists of nine licensed psychologists focused on inpatient and ambulatory care for children with complex developmental and/or medical disorders, clinical research, and training. Post-doctoral fellowships offered for the 2012-2013 training year are listed below.

Please note: If you wish to apply for more than one of these fellowships, you must follow the application guidelines for each position. We cannot accept a single application for multiple positions.


All fellows must hold a doctoral degree in clinical, counseling, school, or related field of psychology at the start of their fellowship. Further, applicants must have completed their doctoral training through a program accredited by the American Psychological Association. Completion of an APA-accredited internship (for clinical, school, or counseling graduates) is desired. Other specific requirements for individual positions are provided via the links below.


This position will focus on consultation and treatment for youth and families with behavioral, medical, and/or developmental needs. Approximately 50% of the clinical time will be devoted services to children with issues falling under the purview of behavioral pediatrics. Behavioral pediatrics blends behavioral and pediatric sciences to promote health and well-being of children. The OHSU Behavioral Pediatrics Treatment Program emphasizes care to children with toileting issues (e.g., soiling, bedwetting, delayed toilet training), tic and habit disorders (e.g., Tourette's, trichotillomania, body focused repetitive behaviors), and bedtime and sleep problems (e.g., bedtime resistance, night waking, C-PAP nonadherence). Approximately 50% of the clinical time will involve ambulatory and inpatient care for children with chronic health conditions (e.g., diabetes, cystic fibrosis, chronic pain).

The full position description is available on the OHSU Human Resources web site.


This position will emphasize comprehensive evaluation services of various pediatric populations, with some time devoted to outpatient treatment. At least 50% clinical time (but possibly greater based on fellow’s career goals) will be devoted to outpatient evaluation/neuropsychological assessment of youth with complex medical and/or developmental needs (e.g., traumatic brain injury, seizure disorders, spina bifida, craniofacial disorders); some inpatient evaluative work may also occur (e.g., evaluation of patients hospitalized for seizure evaluations, pre-surgical evaluations for children undergoing brain resections). Evaluations will occur as part of interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary teams as well as independently/psychology only-evaluations. Up to 50% of the remaining clinical time will be devoted to outpatient treatment of youth with a variety of emotional/behavioral conditions. Opportunities for inpatient consultation also exist.

The fullposition description is available on the OHSU Human Resources web site.


This position will emphasize evaluation and treatment services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Approximately 40% clinical time will be devoted to interdisciplinary diagnostic evaluation of children and adolescents with suspected or known ASD. Approximately 25% clinical time will be devoted to outpatient therapy with children with ASDs and their families. Opportunities for inpatient consultation also exist.

In addition to training in clinical care, the fellow will spend approximately 35% of their time participating in grant-funded research activities. The OHSU Autism Program is a member of the Autism Treatment Network and enjoys support from Autism Speaks and various other federal and foundation sources.

The full position description is available on the OHSU Human Resources web site.