International Travel

Important Message for Students and Postdocs:

If you have recently traveled through/from Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Nigeria…please read the OHSU Ebola Outreach Communication and contact the Joseph B. Trainer Health & Wellness Center (JBT) at 503.494.8665.

The CDC is recommending that universities such as OHSU identify individuals who have recently traveled from the affected countries in West Africa and provide a brief risk assessment as well as education. If you are an OHSU student or post doctoral scholar and have traveled from/through Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Nigeria within the past 21 days we ask that you contact JBT at 503-494-8665 for a brief risk assessment.   

International Travel Screening

OHSU has established a quick tool to ensure international travelers are secure in knowing they have the information needed to be compliant with U.S. Government regulations and do not inadvertently transfer materials and information or visit a country or organization that could require an export license. 

Travel Screening Submission


Travel Screening Submission


OHSU faculty, researchers, and staff frequently travel to foreign countries on behalf of their work at the institution. Generally, there are few problems or delays. However, some situations may require extra measures.

In recent years, we've seen heightened government security concerning university research and activities. It is important that the OHSU community demonstrates awareness for foreign travel risks when traveling on behalf of the institution. The Office of Export Controls is here to help you through the process while minimizing impact to your travel plans.

If you're traveling to a foreign country, please take a second to review the following guidelines. Got questions? Contact us directly. We're happy to sit down with you to talk about your unique situation.

For additional insights into travel concerns please review the NACUA Notes on International Acadmeic Travel and US Export Controls from April 2009.

Prior to your trip, please consider the following:

1. If you will be taking your laptop to a foreign country, please ensure that there is no export controlled technical know-how (e.g. designs,schematics, non-public technical data) on your computer, flash drive, blackberry, etc. It is best to take a clean laptop and leave your unpublished research data at home. If you are unsure if your data may be export controlled, please contact us.

2. If you will be carrying any other tangible research items, such as equipment, samples, prototypes, etc., please contact us for an export review. Should the item be subject to export controls, it still may be possible to receive a 'tools of the trade' exemption, depending on the situation.

3. If you are traveling to any 'at risk' country, regardless of the research or activity, a license may be required. For more information on 'at risk' countries, visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs International Travel website.

4. Additionally, some countries may have travel warnings issued by the Department of State with special instructions for U.S. citizens who are traveling to those countries. Please review the Current Travel Warnings link so you will always have the most up to date information.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly. We're happy to address any concerns or to provide a travel briefing for high risk countries. Also contact us if you have trouble while you are abroad with foreign government export/import procedures or if you feel that your safety is at risk.