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For current OHSU affiliated faculty, residents, staff, and students.

OHSU Primate and VGTI

Current OHSU Primate and VGTI faculty and staff, please email for assistance.

Providing scanned PDFs from material owned in print by OHSU Library

OHSU Faculty, Residents, Staff and Students:

  • What is the difference between document delivery service and interlibrary loan?
    Interlibrary loan service provides users with requested items not owned by the OHSU Library. Affiliated users receive 10 free requests per quarter (students) or year (faculty, residents and staff).

    Document delivery provides scanned PDFs from items owned in print within the OHSU Library collections and costs $10 per article.  Users may request online through Library Search that a print item be pulled from the shelf and placed on hold for them to then copy or scan themselves.  

  • How much does it cost?
    $10 per request for OHSU-affiliated faculty, residents, staff and students. Document delivery service is not part of the free ILL program.  

  • How do I pay?
    Faculty, residents and staff may pay with a departmental alias and FAID or request a monthly invoice.
    Students pay via their ISIS student account.  

  • I don't want to pay. Can I get what I need some other way?
    Yes, you can request that the physical item be pulled from the shelf and placedon hold at a library location or sent to you via campus mail.

    To learn how to place an item on hold, see:

  • How long does it take to receive items?
    Allow up to 48 hours to receive a scanned PDF.  

  • How will my article arrive?
    We provide all article requests as electronic PDFs. After logging in to your interlibrary loan/document delivery account, please use one of the links from the left navigation menu. PDFs will remain 'live' in your account for approximately 30 days. After this time they will be deleted from our server and cannot be retrieved.    

  • I need my item ASAP, how can I get it?
    Articles are guaranteed within 4 hours (based on departmental business hours) only when a 'rush' service is placed on a request. A rush service is an additional $10 for faculty, staff and students.  

  • I'm a distance user (campus is not located in Portland), what services am I eligible for?
    Distance users are eligible for free document delivery service (PDFs of scanned print material owned within the OHSU collections are provided for free).

  • Didn't see your question?
    Please contact us or visit our FAQ/Policies page.

Non-OHSU Users:

We will provide scanned PDFs of items that we own in print. Due to licensing restrictions, we likely cannot provide you with PDFs from our online collections. We can obtain such items on your behalf from other libraries, however. To order documents, please use Loansome Doc Service.  Please see our policy page for more information.