EzProxy Tips and Troubleshooting

Typically, an EzProxy session will remain valid for 2 hours once logged in.  However, in order to stay in an EzProxy session, you must conduct all your research within the same browser you used to log into EzProxy.

The session will automatically time out after 2 hours of inactivity or ends when you close/quit your browser.

When in doubt, check your URL address to see if it contains the ohsu library's proxy prepend "liboff.ohsu.edu".  If it's there, you are still connected and should have access:


If the proxy prepend dropped out of the URL, or if the current session already expired, the system may prompted you to log in again.  If not, you may go back to the library home page to get the proxied links and start your search again.  Or you can use one of the tools listed in the EzProxy Toolkit page to manually trigger the off campus log in prompt.

If you are connected but still not able to access a resource or are prompted to pay or log in at a vendor's web site, please Contact Us.


Setting Up Your Browser

Enabling Cookies

EzProxy uses cookies to store and send data that helps verifying an authorized user.  How to enable Cookies

Enabling JavaScript

Some resources may also require that you have JavaScript enabled. How to enable JavaScript

Clearing Your Cache

Your browser's cache stores snapshots of webpages you visit on your computer. Occasionally, your cache can prevent you from seeing updated content or cause problems.  Clearing cache can sometime help. How to clear your browser's cache

Using Google Scholar

To set up your Google Scholar to work while off campus, follow the steps below to configure your Google Scholar settings to identify resources available to you via the OHSU Library collections:

  1. Go to Google Scholar and choose Settings from the Google Scholar:Google_Scholar1

  2. Click on "Library links".
  3. Search for "Oregon Health".
  4. Select "Find It@OHSU Library" and click Save.Google_Scholar2