Citation Finders

Citation Finders are useful tools that allow you to locate individual journal articles based upon the information contained within its citation.  These tools let you search for one or more of the following basic bibliographic elements to find a specific article:

  • Author name
  • Title words
  • Journal name
  • Year or Date of publication
  • Volume, Issue, or Page #

Specific citation finders available to OHSU users


The PubMed Single Citation Matcher can be accessed by clicking on the “Single Citation Matcher” link located in the middle of the PubMed home page.


This link takes you to the following page where you can quickly and easily carry out citation specific searches in PubMed.



The Ovid “Find Citation” feature is available in all of the library's Ovid databases.


After logging into an Ovid database, simply select the “Find Citation” tab found above the search box to go to the “Find Citation” function as seen below to carry out searches for specific citations.




You can access the Citation Matcher in CINAHL by going to the More dropdown menu at the top of the EBSCO search interface and select the Citation Matcher option as seen below.


This will take you to the following page where you will be able to enter any combination of citation elements to find a specific article. Sometimes less information helps you to be more accurate when using these forms. Try just including the year, volume, issue, start page and the first author’s last name (no initials). This helps eliminate the possibility of spelling or formatting errors in the title of the publication and/or article.


Click Search to see if your citation is in CINAHL.