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Previous exhibits


March - June 2018
Medicine on the Move: Kits, Cases and Carry-alls from the History of Healthcare


June - November 2017
For the Greater Good?: Public Health Regulation at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

January - June 2017
Oregon Over There: Base Hospital 46 in World War I


September - December 2016
Midwives Hold the Future: Advancing Nurse Midwifery in the U.S., in Oregon, and at OHSU

June - August 2016
Mercury, Marriage, and Magic Bullets: Four Centuries of STD Prevention and Treatment

January - May 2016
Lines of Disharmony: Skeletal Malocclusions and Aesthetics in the Development of American Orthodontic Practice


September-December 2015
Pioneering Nursing Education in Oregon: Highlights from OHSU School of Nursing

June-September 2015
Ophthalmology 1700-1900: Celebrating the collection of Jerry F. Donin, M.D.


September-December 2014
Women, Power, and Reproductive Healthcare: Highlights for 19th and 20th century Obstetrical and Gynecological Practice

May-July 2014
PArtners in Medicine Past, Present and Future

January-March 2014
Invention and Innovation: The Founders of Neuroscience in Oregon


September 2013-December 2013
ONPRC Rare Book Collection

Summer 2013
Rare books on Health and Healing at OHSU Library

Spring 2013
Inside These Walls
125 Years of Healing, Teaching and Discovery

January-March 2012
Celebrating Thirty Years of Work for a Healthy and Peaceful World


October-December 2011
Miles Lowell Edwards (1898 to 1982)

July-September 2011
Architectural Renderings ~ Neo-Classicism to Modernism

April-June 2011
Grace Phelps, RN ~ a Reverie in Sepia

January-March 2011
The Literature of Quackery: Amusement and Understanding


October-December 2010
Editions Medicina Rara Art Prints

July-September 2010
Beautiful Gross Anatomy

May-June 2010
A Persistent Vision


November 2009-January 2010
Music of the Heart: Rhythms and Murmurs

July-September 2009
Artifacts in the Kenneth C. Swan, M.D. Papers

January-March 2009
Roentgen Rays
Harnessed to Heal

October-December 2008
Olof Larsell, M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D.
Biologist, Anatomist and Historian
A Noble Quest
August-September 2008
Images from the Scrapbook of George Weirs King, M.D. (1845-1929)
Inventor, Physician and Surgeon
June-July 2008
Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicians
February-May 2008
Japanese Relics of World War II
October 2007-January 2008
One of the Best of a Rare Breed: Melvin Paul Judkins, A Pioneer in Coronary Arteriography
June-September 2007
Anatomy at the Bleeding Edge
April-May 2007
A Return from Oblivion: Portland's First Neurosurgeon, A.J. McLean
January-March 2007
Hope Blooms Under a Benevolent Moon: Valentine Prichard and The People's Institute
October-December 2006
Through His Eyes: The World of Herbert Merton Greene
July-September 2006
Manuscript mysteries
Looking for a summer research project? Check out some of history's mysteries from the OHSU History of Medicine Collection: Manuscript books are by nature unique, since each is produced individually by an author, known or unknown, rather than mass produced as printed books are. This small exhibit features five bound manuscripts and one printed book with extensive manuscript annotations. All of these volumes are from the History of Medicine Collection in OHSU Historical Collections & Archives. We welcome interested scholars to take a closer look at any of the books on display.

Works included in the exhibit:
  • Artznei buch dem menschen zu villen krankheiten : gestellten fur mich zu mall...und mit meiner eigeuen hand und Gottes hillfe geschrieben im jar 1668. [Germany?, 1668]
  • Manuscript on pharmacology, begun January 12, 1733 / by Johann Conrad Keller. [Germany?, 1733]
  • Medical prescriptions. [circa 1871-1887]
  • Manuscript concerning procedures and treatment of diseases / by Thomas Goode. [first half 19th century]
  • Maladies du bas-ventre. [second half 18th century]
  • Larisch, E. Kurzes Lehrbuch der Physiologie des Menschen in 20 Vorträgen. Marburg: Erhardt, 1870. (Manuscript annotations)
May-June 2006
Superlatives from the History of Medicine Collection
March-April 2006
Citizens of the Week
Five faculty from the University of Oregon Medical School recognized for their accomplishments in colorful posters.
January-February 2006
Richard Bright's "Reports of medical cases: selected with a view of illustrating the symptoms and cure of diseases by a reference to morbid anatomy," 1827-1831
September-December 2005
Works of Galen, 1542 and 1561-62
May-June 2005
Pharmaceutical Company Art Prints: Advertising "Giveaways"
February-April 2005
Housing the Victims of the Great White Plague: The Oregon State Tuberculosis Hospital
Fall 2004
Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature
Spring 2004
Bridging a Gap in our Historical Collections: The History of Dentistry Collection
Fall 2003
Colonel Strohm's Nurses
Summer 2003
Medicine and Surgery During the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Winter 2003
Mackenzie's Folly: Marquam Hill: The Beginnings
Summer 2002
Esther Pohl Lovejoy: Pioneer Physician
Winter 2002
Clarice Ashworth Francone
Summer 2001
The Father of Intervention: Charles Theodore Dotter, M.D. 1920-1984
Spring 2001
The Fabrica of Andreas Vesalius: The Father of Modern Anatomy and His Most Famous Work