To Volunteer

Maribeth Collins Compassionate Volunteers

Volunteer ProgramSome types of volunteer work require a greater level of acknowledgement because they come straight from the heart and require giving of one's self to reduce the suffering of others. In 2005, the Center began to more formally recognize our courageous volunteers. This recognition was named the Maribeth Collins Compassionate Volunteer Certificate to honor one of the Center's Founders, Maribeth Collins, who personifies the compassion, selflessness, humility and hands on caring that these volunteers demonstrate.

Marribeth Collins Compassionate Volunteers serve in such activities as:

  1. A simulator in one of our death notification role plays to help teach a young doctor how to speak more compassionately with a family after a loved one's sudden death or
  2. Made ten quilts for the quilt program;
  3. Serve as a patient-teacher in the Living with Life Threatening Illness elective within the OHSU School of Medicine
  4. Administrative support in the Center's office such as helping out with our newsletter mailings and conference and event preparation.

Volunteers are recognized in our annual newsletter. For more information about all out volunteer programs, please visit our Outreach programs.