The Center for Ethics facilitates the development and ongoing improvements of a number of resources. These resources are available to help health care professionals in the care of patients and to address organizational or community-wide ethical challenges.

The Oregon Death with Dignity Act:  A Guidebook for Health Care Professionals

Without endorsing or opposing the principles embodied in the Oregon Death with Dignity Act, the Task Force to Improve the care of Terminally Ill Oregonians has developed this Guidebook for Health Care Professionals as a collective response to its enactment. We designed the Guidebook to be a useful resource for health care professionals and institutions as they contemplate the Act’s implications for practice. Underlying this work is the assumption that regardless of the health care professional’s personal view regarding the Act, open communication, consideration of comfort needs, and respect for divergent views are necessary components of care. We present ethical and practical guidelines to enhance compassionate care whether or not a physician or health care system is willing to participate in providing a prescription as set forth in the Act.

OHSU Policy on Conscientious Objection

This policy can be useful in a number of professional care circumstances. The document can also help colleagues in other health systems who are developing or implementing policy in this area.

The Center for Ethics' Twenty-Year Celebration Brochure
The twenty years of the Ethics Center was marked by substantial milestones in education, policy development, research and enhancement in the care of patients.  This brochure details many of these advances.