The Madeline Brill Nelson Chair in Ethics Education

Lynn Jansen

Lynn A. Jansen is the inaugural holder of the Madeline Brill Nelson Chair in Ethics Education in the Center for Ethics in Health Care at OHSU.   After receiving her nursing degree and working as a registered nurse, she pursued academic studies at Columbia University (where she earned a doctorate in political science with a focus on political theory) and at the University of Chicago (where she was a postdoctoral fellow in medical ethics at the MacLean Center.)

Prior to coming to OHSU, Dr. Jansen was the director of the John J. Conley Center for Medical Ethics at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in New York City and the director of the Bioethics Institute at New York Medical College. 

Dr. Jansen has published widely on topics in both medical ethics and research ethics.  She is the editor of Death in the Clinic (2005).  Her work has appeared in the leading journals in the field including The Hastings Center Report, The Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, Bioethics and The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy.  She served as a co-editor of Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics from 2002 to 2009, where she is now an associate editor.

Dr. Jansen has served on a number of national advisory boards including the ethics council for the American Academy of Pain Medicine and the ethics council for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.  She also served as an Advisory Panel Member for the Fred Friendly Seminar on Science and the Ethics of Enhancement for the National Public Broadcasting Service. Dr. Jansen is the Principal Investigator  on a five year RO1 Grant funded by the National Cancer Institute designed to study the impact of the optimistic bias on risk/benefit assessments by patient-subjects who enroll in early phase cancer trials.  She was recently awarded a grant from the Greenwall Foundation to study the normative significance of the optimistic bias to informed consent.  Her work on the optimistic bias has received national media attention and has been discussed in leading medical journals.