Senior Scholar

OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care Senior Scholar criteria

Senior Scholars are added to the Center by invitation of the Center Executive Committee.  Senior Scholars do not typically have a key administrative role in directing a Center program, initiative, or core activity.  To be considered for or to maintain Senior Scholar status with the Center, the candidate currently must be engaged in substantive ethics-related scholarly activity that supports the goals and missions of the Center.  Such activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Clinical ethics consultation or similar activity
  • Health care ethics research
  • Health care ethics teaching or mentoring
  • Health care ethics policy work

The activities listed above must be done in support of the Center, demonstrate elements of originality, and not be solely duplicative of work done by others in the field.  In addition, to be considered for Senior Scholar status, the applicant must be involved in a collaborative way with one or more of the Center's projects, strategic plan activities, or developmental programs.

In addition to the above criteria, the following are desirable attributes for Senior Scholars:

  • State or local health care ethics activities
  • National health care ethics activities
  • Recognition in the field of health care ethics
  • A history of accomplishment in health care ethics as evidenced by publications, teaching, research, or similar activities.

Senior Scholars will be requested to provide a periodic report detailing ethics-related publications, presentations, and other scholarly activity.

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