About Us

Through interprofessional education, research and transformation of the delivery of care, the Center for Ethics is dedicated to raising the level of ethical standards in all aspects of health care throughout our community.  At the heart of this work are the needs and rights of patients and their families directly at the center of that care.OHSU First Class Collection books, Rare Books, authorized used by OHSU Library

  •  A mother of three young children with advanced cancer who must decide when is the right time to end debilitating treatment, and the doctor who must inform her – in a way that does not destroy hope – that her disease is no longer curable.
  • An elderly couple, in failing health, who worry that their wishes for care at the end of their life will not be honored. 
  • An overworked nurse whose desire to offer compassionate care and vital education to her patients is overshadowed by fatigue and scarcity of time.
  • A 12-year old boy who dies from uncontrolled infection that began as a highly treatable dental abscess, because he has no access to care.
  • Anyone who has ever felt vulnerable, bewildered, adrift or alone within today's health care system.
 It is to these people that the Center ultimately dedicates its work.